Learn big. Grow fast. Make a difference.

It’s rare for a company to be doing something no one else is doing. We are. 

We’ve gathered a team of the best and brightest scientists with expertise in de novo protein design and drug development. We’re building a vibrant company that will take our pioneering science from the lab to patients who need it.

Neoleukin is for people who want to build something bigger than their own resume. We are a diverse team of ambitious, energetic individuals with a shared commitment to the science, the people it will help, our community and each other.

You’ll learn big, grow fast and have opportunities beyond a typical job experience. Bring your expertise, enthusiasm and your whole self to a job where you can make an impact and move our industry forward.

photo of Neoleukin scientist in the lab

our values

Science + People 2 = Care Redesigned

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Anchored in scientific excellence and integrity, we are comfortable challenging conventional thinking to break new ground.

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All voices are heard, and diverse perspectives are valued because it pushes our science and our company forward.

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This work is bigger than us; the path to success is by working together.

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We seek to make a difference, genuinely caring about each other, the patients we seek to treat, and our community.

our Culture

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Inclusivity is core to our values. 

We know that diverse perspectives, experiences and thoughts are vital to innovation and discovery. We have deliberately built a culture where everyone has a voice—because we know this is the only way to move our science, our company and our industry forward. Our five founders span five different countries and we have continued to build our team with that diverse perspective front and center. 

We know this work will be ongoing and we commit to continuous learning and improvement. We will not tolerate racism, nor sit idly by, when we see inequities magnified by systemic structures that benefit one group of people over another. We acknowledge that diversity is beyond race and gender, and may include visible and invisible disabilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, socio-economic status, religion and others. We commit to redesigning these structures in our organization by creating a deliberate and intentional culture focused on:

  • Diversity through our hiring, recruiting and community partnership practices at all levels, seeking ways to bring a more diverse population into our company and the industry as a whole. 
  • Equity through review of our policies and procedures to ensure fair treatment for our people, our patients and for our community. 
  • Inclusion through creating an environment of psychological and physical safety for all.

We understand how important it is to hold ourselves accountable to engagement and action. We will be transparent and authentic about our goals and our learnings.

photo of Neoleukin scientists with NL-201 model

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Job Opportunities

Neoleukin utilizes ADP Recruitment to manage job applications. Clicking on the below job openings will take you to ADP where you can view job descriptions and apply.

Director, People Team Operations

Research Associate II